Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Devotional: Summer Interiors catch-up Part 2

Part 2 is a little shorter, a little quieter.  But some quality eye-candy all the same.

Town & Country has a slide show of the most beautiful house in Istanbul.  Hyperbole?  Tough to say--I believe them.  (That mirror.  And the chairs, while I'm at it.)

Constance Zimmer's home on Style Me Pretty.  Perhaps underwhelming after Istanbul, but a design you could plop into a standard new construction home, so that is nice.

For you rustic minimalists, a stylist's home in Sweden from Design Sponge.

And a California home covered by Inside Out Australia for you mid-century junkies.

Project Glitter Suite.  'Nuf said.

A 30 yr old condo get's a makeover in Rue Magazine.

OK.  So was this a good review?  Old hat thanks to Pinterest?  Let me know!!!

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  1. Istanbul- wow- I like the art in the Project Glitter suite. Do you think it is the absence of chaos that adds to the appeal? I have a lot of junk/treasure that makes everything messy. Even the wall lamps in Istanbul are fabulous.