Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 4.19.15

Last week was 3 solid days of customer meetings and dinners, and I didn't even realize it but apparently it left very little internet time....well, and I went down some super random wormholes (yeah, Chinese lanterns didn't even scratch the surface of last week's madness--that is what hours of meetings will do to a person).  Between the meetings and having to avoid NPR this week (pledge week is so annoying), I have no idea what is going on in the world.  I heard Rom pulled off his primary, but this wasn't a current events crowd....more drinking and golf.  

Kevin was in Bermuda last week.  He recommends it.  Did you know that Bermuda has no natural source of water?  And therefore no native animals?  It's as though habitation of the island is against God's plan.  Usually I love an Enlightenment "man conquering nature" theme, but I'm not vying for Kevin to get transferred to the Bermuda office anytime soon.  No water terrifies me.  

This floorplan seems lovely for those of you with large open rooms.

May's Architectural Digest really knocked it out of the park.  The articles were pretty interesting, although the Cuba tag on the cover was a total tease--nothing there.

A lovely party scheme.  

A sharp pair of scissors and Fabritac is all you need to make these scalloped drapes from Sarah M. Dorsey.    I'll vote for clip hooks over a glued rod pocket, but I was interested to see how easy the scallop was.

This came up on the lantern search:  Restoration Hardware knock-offs.  All over the place.  Just search Restoration Hardware on  

Molly and I are watching this production of Swan Lake in 30 minute intervals--it has to be pre-1991, because that is when Leningrad went back to calling itself St. Petersberg.  She was super psyched because by coincidence, her ballet class started learning the story of Swan Lake this week.  

I caught 7 minutes of The Mod Squad is that some good shit.  Per Wikipedia, it is the iconic counterculture police show.  Can you name another counterculture police show?  I'm drawing a blank.  This piece on Peggy Lipton has some good pics.  

I'm off to Nashville for more meetings, but I'll try to compensate this week and check out the interwebs (and not spend my hotel evenings binging on HGTV...try).  And since so few links means I'm done in under an hour tonight, here is how we spent our Friday night while Charlotte was at a sleep over:  

Molly with "princess eyes".  Thanks Apple Photo Booth.

I'm the worst looking Disney character ever.  


  1. I loved the Mod Squad. We all wanted to be Peggy Lipton. I will have to look up an old episode. MacGyver sure didn't hold up. I can't think of any other counter culture police shows but there were a bunch of police shows. I knew my Miranda rights before I knew all my prayers.
    Totally creepy Disney eyes!

  2. The MacGyver reference was about shows that seemed cool not being cool years later..OMG