Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 4.14.15

Don't forget your taxes are due.  But assuming I'm the only one who waits to the last minute, I've got some fun stuff for you to browse.  No, seriously: the internet gods were good last week.

A fun, layered home with 4 dogs and 2 cats in ATL via Domaine.

This LA Home is even better inside.  Kid's room is to die for.

via Apartment Therapy

This loft in Williamsburg was on Cup of Jo.  Mostly it has made me want a taxidermied ocelot something fierce (no, that isn't a proper word but you know what I mean-dead and stuffed).    

Apartment Therapy has very specific thoughts on how you should hang gallery walls, just lots of different and conflicting specific thoughts.  But each of the 11 examples is lovely.  

I always forget about Rejuvenation when I do quick product searches, but I really shouldn't.  Case in point:

This is older, but I'm loving this dot wall on Oh Happy Day so I thought I'd share the link.  Potatoes but they are quick, cheap and effective, but I think I'd make a sponge/stamp for a less organic feel.

Anybody feelin' crafty?  This denim whale is adorbs.  

I didn't even like Amy Adams that much until I read that Vogue article about how old she was and how great her d├ęcolletage was in American Hustle (yeah, that was an actual article that I read).   Since then I've been totally obsessed, so I was pleased to see this article about her skincare regime.  Less pleased that La Mer is involved.  But good info all the same.  

This showed up in my Pinterest feed with the description "Fish wig progress":

A fish wig?  That sounds amazing and random.  I found out how it ended here.  Cosplayers.  Figures.

This is a book about Buddism.  I'm so intrigued I may actually buy it.  Anybody read it?  Its for sale at ABC Carpet & Home, which is random (but how I found it).  

I don't like to hate, but this is not cool.  I love LC.  I was verklempt during The Hills finale.  But I can't condone this.  Yes, if Kohl's drove a dump truck full of cash up to my house I would sell out in a minute--but if that happens, remember this post and that I think all the people who buy it are suckers.  
via US Weekly

But it reminded me that I didn't pay attention to her wedding.....which was fab, included some Rifle Paper Co. goodness and is detailed here.  I'm really digging the playing cards.  

On the topic of weddings, isn't this venue nice?  Barnsley Garden resort in Atlanta via SMP.  I don't think I ever tire of chandeliers in random places.  

This created a terrible ear bug for me over the weekend...but on the off chance someone hosts a fondue party, it had to be shared.

I can't even tell you how much joy this video brought me.  Turns out, it is 8 seconds of a Robot Chicken piece--you can find the full version here.  You absolutely need sound.  I found it via Ashley Longshore Art, who just did a collection with Biscuit, and whose Instagram feed has some real gems. I am undecided on my feelings for her current pop art collection, although I enjoy the sentiment.  

But they turn out a mighty fine lucite tray.  

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