Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Devotional 3.2.15

Anybody notice I skipped a whole week last week?  I was super happy (last) Monday morning to realize it wasn't already March.  But now it is.  And we have 8 new inches of snow on the ground.  You know, 'cause its almost spring.....

Let's kick it off with two super timely posts:  wine pairings for Girl Scout cookies, and what to do with all those Mardi Gras beads.  Fun fact:  did you know that different councils sell slightly different line-ups of cookies?  So you might see some options you didn't have.  

via Aunt Peaches

A new Ikea Hack.  Its been a while, but the wait was worth it.

Domaine did a round-up (since they know no other format) of modern candlesticks.  A nice smattering, though the Loop remains my fav.

This has been heatin' up my pinterest feed.  But it is hard to find, so I did some digging and here you go:  an Aliexpress purveyor who is willing to ship single orders!  For under $12, organization can be yours.

Cactus balloons.  Just because.

Desire to Inspire posted some pics from Cave Interior's portfolio.  I'm no a rich Londoner, but I would consider their services if I was.  An interesting variety.

And Emily A. Clark pointed me to Kathryn Ivey's portfolio.  You know I love Chiang Mai....

You might have caught a smidge of this during the Super Bowl commercial, but if you want more Narwhals, check them here.  My kids can't stop watching it, and while it might be an age thing....Narwhals are the unicorn of the ocean.  

On the other end of the YouTube spectrum, we also watched Lady Gaga's Sound of Music performance several times.  Molly was like "Oh my God she sounds like a princess."  Thanks, Disney.

I forgot to post this last week--it was Friday's Story Corp piece on NPR (the audio is worth it).  So good, but as with most Friday mornings, get out your tissues.  And since we are all serious now, I thought this was a great campaign out of Orlando on #rethinkhomelessness:    A quick video.  But mute it--the Lourde cover isn't good.


  1. Stephan Wanger has a really cool- giant canvases - exhibit up at the Mobile Art Museum. And the Mardi Gras costumes are really amazing.
    I can't believe Girl Scout cookies and wine- need to bring that campaign south!

  2. I omitted the important fact about Mr. Wanger- all the giant canvases are made up of beads- not individual but the necklaces. Nuts- really nuts. I love them.