Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekly Devotional: 3.10.14

What is up? It was a bit of slow week for me, internetting wise.  Kevin was out of town for the second week in a row, so the quilts ate some of my firewall free browsing time.

But there is always something....

Like this bananas sale on OKL.  "Sale" as in things are for sale....the bargains are steep, but its nice to see what makes it to Lilly Bunn's yardsale mixed with her curated picks.  I was a huge fan of her short lived blog.  

A nice home tour on Design Sponge, and in the great incestuous world of home blogs, it is the home of Tobe from Because its Awesome

A McGrath project (Carroll Gardens brownstone) was featured in the NYT.  How 'bout that Bunny Williams Home mirror?

In my fantasy life of a textile designer, I would be playing around with silkscreen foil.  Here is a nice tutorial on a simple method for adding some foil to your life.

Some of us have a lot of crepe paper handy.  Cheap, available...why don't all of you keep this stuff on hand?  Here are 20 tutorials on crepe paper.  This site is all about crafty roundups....

The Hubble telescope's best images, as judged by someone at the Huffington Post.  But the links take you to the Hubble site, where you can download ENORMOUS images that you can have printed for your personal use.  

Before and After:  

The best use of a redundancy?  Tree Change Dolls.  I think I saw this floating around last month...but it didn't really hit home until I came across this video on Monday.  What is so weird is how normal the Bratz Dolls are under that makeup--I assumed their mold would be weird, too.  

Also, Graffiti on snails.

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  1. Painted snails- I would love to meet that guy. Will check out the tutorials on crepe paper. I was slightly embarrassed when I brought a room to silence at my suggestion of crepe paper streamers in a progression of one color. Dead silence. I have to work on reading a room.