Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 12.15.14

I never knew this before, but I really want to sleep in a giant bird.  I think life is happier there.  Frankly, any life that can afford a Lalanne is probably pretty sweet.

How amazing is this?  Perfect for the person you are looking to spend 140 Euros on.  Also, anybody ever grown does this work?

An adorable party on underscores how important a good space is.  Totally makes me want to buy a party space...

Christmas lights from around the world from the Telegraph.

In my opinion, the only acceptable ceiling fan is a super modern one.  A nice round-up, but they are missing my fave:  the Artemis Fan.

via Desire to Inspire

This photographer's portfolio is pretty sweet...I'd move in to most of these.

via Aunt Peaches
I'm fleeing to the Cleve this week.  But if I wasn't, and if my house wasn't already a hot mess (those are Molly's words, not mine), I'd be bustin' out some DIY magic via Aunt Peaches.  Namely, the straw bursts and the pom pom garland.  

vy A Beautiful Mess
Lotsa bottle brush pins these days in the feed...have you looked at the DIY instructions?  Buy them at a dollar store, bleach them in clorine, and slowly Rit dye them into these perfect shades.  Yeah, chlorine bleach and rit dye...that's something most of us like to do indoors.  Am I just super lazy?  is anyone actually doing this?

Charlie Harper licensed fabric.  Quilting weight, but you can always cheat a little.

I'm leading with this video, to make sure you all watch it...the 1988 Crystal Light Aerobics National Championship.  I know you are skeptical, but this is most definitely worth 8 minutes of your day.  If you can't spare 8, just watch the first 4 and know that Alan Thicke comes on later.  Yeah, that's right--Alan Thicke.  A special thanks to my high school friend Leslie, who pinned this (she has great pins, btw--I'd recommend following if you spend time on the Pinterest).

As long as you promise you tried the anthropologically valuable aerobics video, you can move on to these:  Wallace & Grommit team doing DC Comic shorts.  Real kid audio, similar to Creature Comforts.  Only 1 minute each:  Short #1, #2, #3, and #6  (Sorry, I'm tired of looking for the links for 4 &5...they have disappeared).


  1. I love the Teletubbies in the Christmas tree! Lots of nostalgia today!

  2. I love Wallace and Grommit! I hadn't seen the DC Comic shorts. Thanks! I laughed at the Aerobics Championships. Did anything visually appealing happen in the 80's? CRAZY.

  3. Missed the bottle brush crazy. Seems like a toxic craft. I will stick to cookies and fudge.