Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly Devotional: 6.27.14

Sadly, I scheduled this for last week but apparently never hit publish.  But the links are still live......
If anyone ever starts making this tome, you must tell me.  I'm not above a novelty book--I've spent hours in Urban Outfitters.

I visited the new Thibaut collection (at Everyday Paint and Wallpaper), and the pagoda wallpaper looks really good.....they even have the tricky beige and gray combo.

Luzon by Thibaut
How 'bout some round-ups?

Vintage travel posters at the English Room (OK, they are mostly just's selection, but nice to see),  Rubber stamps at Oh So Beautiful Paper, and Top 12 Crafts you can do with Scrabble Tiles (just kidding...I mean, its a real round-up but it shouldn't be).

The aught brand that brought track suits to white girls and their moms is shutting its doors.  The Refinery 29 article is really well written; regardless of where you stand on the brand it will make you feel a little nostalgic.  Viva la Juicy, and all that; I was not a Juicy devotee but had I been flusher, I probably would not have been able to resist the siren call of socially acceptable sweat pants. 

What has improved since the aughts?  How about everybody making girl power videos?  Here is one about (not) screwing up little girls that I find moderately compelling, mostly because I am only guilty of a few of these vices.  And then for the adult girls, here is one reminding women to stop fucking apologizing.  Seriously.  I use that verbal crutch all the time.  

A funnier video is this trailer for Star Wars...yep, someone made a trailer for the original Star Wars cut in a modern style--specifically just like the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.  

Hopefully this weekly devotional smells a little hipper than the previous ones, because I'm writing it on our new Macbook Air.  Which leads me to recommend (again?)    It helped make this decision, and made my TV decision--they just tell you what to buy instead of trying to explain all the pros and cons of lots of models and leave you to decide.  So just know that creating this post involved overcoming my urge to right click, relearning quick keys, and thinking about John Hodgeman.

Trailer and Poster here

Finally, this.  Everything about this.  North Korea isn't too happy (LA Times play by plays here, here, here and here.   What is going to happen?  Would you go to war for a Franco/Rogen comedy?

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  1. Glad I got to work early! I watched all the videos. A nice order- I hope I haven't squashed too many scientists, and I definitely apologize a lot. Love the Star Wars trailer. Made me laugh!