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Weekly Devotional: 4.3.2013

graphic from the incomparable Mrs. Lilien, here
It's Friday, and if you haven't checked in on Mrs. Lilien lately, you should.  She always makes me laugh.  And wish I was thin and fabulous, but not in the depressing way reading Town and Country does.  

First off, a shout out to Sarah for her comment last week that Gwyneth is uncoupling and not divorcing.  The minute I responded, I was like "Wait, I need to google 'uncoupling'".  Holy shit!  I was ready for an empty Goop reference, but apparently the phenomenon of conscious uncoupling goes beyond the Gwyneth universe.  Start your trip down the rabbit hole at Huffington Post.  I'm pretty sure I'd prefer to be an angry, bitter divorcee with a fondness for neutral spirits, but I'm sure this is healthier in the long run.

via Terms of Endearment

In another "I'm under a rock" moment,  I was totally surprised to hear that Iris Apfel is selling her goods on One Kings Lane...tomorrow (April 5th)!  Thank goodness I opened this Terms of Endearment post.  I have house guests this weekend, but at 11am EDT I may excuse myself briefly....(PS--there is a little video of Iris on the OKL link).  

Another One Room Challenge kicked off this week--its a get together of shelter blogs where they redo one room in 6 weeks, blogging about it all the way.  Many oft linked blogs are participating: namely Design Crisis, Chinoiserie Chic, and Bijou and Boehme.  20 bloggers officially, but they let anyone participate in the "link-up".  It is usually a good time--some are amazing, some will make you feel better about yourself, but there is always decor/reno wisdom to be gleaned.

To inspire some afternoon ebaying, check out I Suwanee's roundup of decorating with Suzanis.  

via I Suwanee

Speaking of roundups, Habitually Chic had a nice roundup of trench coats to get you through those April showers (you can pretend you look like the photos, and not like a sad, wet dog).  She also had a piece on Lauren Santo Domingo, covering a recent interview and combining two features done on her homes.
from Spanish Vogue
Is it just me, but isn't there something kind of annoying about LSD ?  (Yeah, that is her wiki link) .  I'll admit that LSD has/had a great column, a super stylish wedding (in Cartegena, no less), and I do enjoy her Pinterest feed...even if she has a board devoted to pictures of herself that she finds online.  Maybe it is just sour grapes because I'm not married to the scion of a Latin American fortune?  I'll assume it is. But I really hope that being that thin takes some hard work, or my world view will be shattered [typed as I shove another mini Twix from the break room in my mouth].

While we are on the topic of LSD, check these out from her company Modus Operandi:
via Modus Operandi

They can be pre-ordered now, and cost only $2,460 (deposit of 50% required).  I wish I could gift them to my younger, thinner sisters, as I am in the middle ground where I am too old but not old enough for these.  Or maybe just to old, and not Iris Apfel.  (But no luck girls--I'm way too poor.)

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Oh So Beautiful Paper had a great piece on those little extras that make an event cohesive.  No really, it is required reading.  Details make or break a party, people.

via Sketch 42

I enjoyed this post from Sketch42, about a new-to-me blog from down under devoted to awesome family pics and style.  She does celebrity features, like the above, too.

I have a thing for B-list attractions, and Velveterria, the only museum in the world dedicated to velvet paintings, was on the list.  It closed down in 2010/2011 (it was in Portland), which is a bummer.  But, apparently, it recently reopened in sunny L.A.    

Bon weekend!

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  1. Glad it is Friday for sure! Did the required reading- lucky for me I lived with an expert on such matter for years.
    Interesting that most velvet paintings are of Jesus or Elvis....Have you ever seen a space that called for one? It has to exist- now that I think about it- what space isn't calling for one.