Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekly devotional: 3.7.2011

When you get this, assume I'm doing Miami Will Smith style.  Hopefully I have recently hit-up Mrs. Howard in Jacksonville, FL (my first stop of the week) and some prime spots on the Dixie Highway.  But I couldn't leave you all hanging, so the weekly devotional continues in my absence.  

On last week's topic of paper, this adorable kid makes dresses out of paper.  And they are awesome. 

Article here.  

The BBC (seriously) alerted my household to an overlooked AV Club article:  There is a symphonic Finnish progressive rock concept album about Scrooge McDuck.  

So, there is a new Domino coming out.....will you buy it?

Apparently, blogger/designer Lauren Leiss's new house is featured in the new issue.  Lauren is having a good month, as a client project is in the new BHG.  I check in on her blog randomly--her interiors are well executed, and her most pinned/re-blogged images from her last home have aged well, no?
all from Pure Style Home, and BHG I believe
Framed pages from a Michelangelo book, an enourmous blow-up of a Durer etching, and the chalkboard painted fridge are all solid budget-ideas.  She also has a line of fabrics.  That I can't afford.  

I'm trying to to add apps and get rid of crappy ones.  Here is a good round up of useful Mom apps.  If you are more tech savvy than me, Babble had a round up of 50. 

Oh, shit--I'm having a baby.  Soonish.  Peppermint Bliss made a roundup of baby gear she has liked.  Good thing I don't own any of it.  Hmmm.....

Please watch this Nick Kroll video and tell me if it is funny.  

My husband thought it was hillarious...and having lived in Indiana, I found it amusing.  But I'm not sure Larry Byrd is so ubiquitous that this will make the 2014 funniest videos list.  Pop-culture trivia:  Its by (and starring) Amy Poehler's current boyfriend.

Also, another McSweeney's article for you:  I Regret to Inform You That My Wedding to Capt. Von Trapp Has Been Cancelled .  It's from 2011, but I missed it so I thought some of you might not have gotten it. And there is positively no cursing in this one.  No, really.  

Remember this:  

I ate half of one last weekend, and it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.  Its no cronut, but the Pecan Coffee Cake is going on my list of shitty food I"m proud to love.  Right in the breakfast category with  S'mores PopTarts and Pillsbury Toaster Strudels.  Makes me want to send some transfats to my neice and nephew in Portland--Mary: surely you are letting them in on the secrets to America's obesity?


  1. Yes, I did notice that this did not publish last week. But rather than re-write, I just re-released it with yesterday's post. Sorry!

  2. As a Larry fan I thought the video was funny but the McSweeney article was hilarious. Will check out the gear round up. So many amazing things out there.
    The sight of a Sara Lee box still makes me happy. I know it is bad for me...the brownies are my favorite.