Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly devotional: 3.28.14

What the what?  Its Friday already.  Here are some things to ponder in your free time:

My idol, Miles Redd, has a pretty fabulous feature in AD.  I mean, if you weren't already psyched about having a house in Lyford Cay, this decor would seal the deal.

I'm dying to put the Guerlantes wallpaper somewhere...I really thought it might happen in the kitchen, but not being washable has made me think twice.  It is by Brunshwig and Fils, available in fabric and wallpaper.

If you doubted Anna Wintour's genius when the photos leaked, then you will love hating the Hamish Bowles styled prose disected on Jezebel this week.  If you are like me, and defer to Ms. Wintour and still love everything Kanye has to say (people--he is like a black Joe Biden: speaking truths), then you will love love these segments. 
Vogue, via Jezebel
Because I know some of you are working and therefore debating the click through, I will give you the best of Kanye's Kanyisms:

"Its really just about dopeness at the end of the day".  Amen, Kanye.  Amen.

Prepare to have your mind blown:  These are cake pops.  Take that, Bakerella.

Now, given the heavy use of fondant I'm not sure we would want to eat them, but they are confectionery marvels all the same.  If someone wants to try them out with marshmallow fondant or modelling chocolate (so much tastier, no?), let us know how it goes.

Check out the home of a Stockholm-based stylist here.  I've been eyeing this chandelier for some time...looking pretty good here.
Btw, I have that car.  And that is all it is good for--styling.  Not the least bit useful as a toy.  Le sigh.

Want some nice, plain language reporting on the Hobby Lobby case that was argued before the Supreme Court this week?  Check out Scotus...yeah, its a Supreme Court blog.  Its a good resource if you ever want to know about constitutional issues, or sound really smart about constitutional issues.

And finally, The Office.  Someone created The OfficeTimeMachine, which logs 1,300 pop-culture references made on the show.  It took the dude a year and half to make...and it supposed to be about how much we rely on culture.

PS--did you see that Gwyneth Paltrow is getting a divorce?


  1. Such beautiful material! thanks for that. It really cheers up a rainy day. A another pink sofa- definitely trending. The cake pops make me feel lazy...I haven't even made cookies in ages. Wow- they are fun. Time to step up my game.

  2. Um, Gwyneth Paltrow is uncoupling. Divorce is for the common folk. :) And yes, please, paste Guerlantes all over my house. Love!

    1. Let's work on getting "uncoupling" to trend.

  3. Love the chandelier and jonzing for some hand painted tulip wallpaper.

    1. They could both be used to make the greatest kitchen ever, no?

  4. I realized there was no link to the Miles Redd feature--link added. Oops!