Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Devotional: 1.30.14

via T Magazine

This beautiful house was featured in the NYTimes magazine (with slideshow).  And there is a book on it.

Do I read the NYTimes magazine weekly?  No--only in my fantasy life.  But luckily Mrs. Blandings is posting regularly again.  She is a delightful writer, and much more gifted at brevity than I am.  Her other good tip was Farrow & Ball's new papers.  Aweseomesauce.  I did bother to check once, and they are PAINFULLY expensive.

Chromatic Stripe
Random but brief aside:  what are people's feelings about horns mounted singly?

photo from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
They look cool when Miles Redd does them:
Miles Redd's oft featured LR, via

I go back and forth, but in the end when they are chic-ly mounted they are above my price range for objet I'm not over the moon about (its possible that these two examples are out of my price range...period). The first home above was a full feature in the current Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, and is worth checking out if you enjoy a calm pallette and traditional interiors.  Very nicely done.  (And, when searching for the easiest way to get a picture, I discovered that it was also featured on Simplified Bee, so you can check it there, too).

This may have more significance to lawyers, but I thoroughly enjoyed this tour through Baker & McKenzie's Paris office.

I'll admit, it looks way cooler than my firm's office.

Super cute Valentine card round-up over at the English Room.

My friend Sarah is pretty type-A, and always made custom calendars, timesheets, etc. when we worked together.  And since we were discussing planners on Monday, she was nice enough to send over her current daily agenda, which you can see here as a comparison point (click the "DailyAgenda 2014").  That is pretty tight formatting on a whole lotta content (ps--the little numbers in the middle are tracking weight watcher points).  And she did send a warning--she and I are both of the Pulp Fiction generation, so there is a targeted use of profanity.  I may soon adopt the checklist groceries...makes it a much easier task to delegate :)  

Uhh...did you know you can make cinnamon rolls out of cake mix?  Red Velvet?  Funfetti? Bring on the trans fats.
Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll via

Finally, I've got two "movies" for you:  An an animated gif on 100 years of Noxema packaging with the Washington Post.  And, Dove is at it again, making us all weepy about beauty and our self-image issues with their sponsored short, Selfie; I agree with The Gloss's review that it is a little contrived, but not entirely without merit.  But its "viral", so you should watch it lest the zeitgeist pass you by...and it was at Sundance.  At worst, it is 8 minutes of being really glad you aren't in middle school anymore.  


  1. While the horns are amazing I vote no. Perhaps from having too many things turned into swords or just launched by any deviously contrived grouping of rubber bands and who knows what. The red velvet buns are sort of amazing and frightening at the same time.
    I love the agenda. Weight Watcher points and a to do- she is amazing.

  2. Yikes I see I put three 'amazing' things in one post. I need a thesaurus.

  3. You can use amazing as often as you want when it is directed at my blog content :)