Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Devotional: 1/23/14

On the design front, my internet penpal Erin's house was featured in Bungalow Magazine.  I am kinda jealous of that brass headboard.
erin williamson design
Bungalow magazine is worth a look, too.  Erin did a behind the scenes post about having her house styled and photographed that was very interesting.

Amber reminded me of the now closed blog lilly's notebook.  Lilly's business page is still up and running, and if you haven't checked out lilly bunn interiors, you should.  Good, colorful eye-candy.

Speaking of, Amber did a nice roundup of which houseplants to use.  This one's for you, Mom (note: avocados in various stages started from pits are not on the list....).

Hmmm...girls toys are getting "girly-er"...or maybe manufacturers are trying to line up our collective aesthetic with that of perverted business men.  Excellent before and afters of everything from Strawberry Shortcake to Lisa Frank (yeah, it got weirder) courtesy of the Huffington Post.

And on the topic of girly-stuff and shit feminists hate, I totally forgot to discuss Kate Moss turning 40 or being in Playboy with y'all.  But here was the b-day story (which has a link to the playboy story, natch).   It makes me feel super old and super out of shape.  Remember heroin chic?  She really was able to adapt with the times.
And since we've all seen her braless in a million Calvin Klein tshirts, I think we can agree there are some serious chicken cutlets shoved into that bunny suit.

Speaking of chicken cutlets, I don't have time to watch awards show red carpets, which is why I got rid of cable.  But I like to check out the recaps, even though without cable I don't recognize many people (I miss you, E News).

SAG Awards 2014: Dress to Room Pairings | The English Room - See more at:

And for a dose of interiors with your fashion, you can see Holly's recaps (SAG and Golden Globes) pairing each dress with a published interior.  Otherwise, I just check Eonline or Huffington Post :)  And yes, I did choose to highlight a super skinny pregnant chick due to self-loathing issues...which I'm working through with a pint of ice cream.

Nerd alert:  this video of the Kiva robots fulfilling orders is awesome (shout out to my BIL for finding it).  As someone who is often mocked for having multiple Amazon boxes arrive at her office each week (I do ALL my shopping there--I should get a Prime logo tramp stamp), its gratifying to see how its super cute Roombas on steroids.
Plus, did you catch this article:  Amazon Patents Anticipatory Shipping?  Amazon has an algorithm that is so good, they will ship you things before you order them.  They think the algorithm is so good, that the "orders" they send out that no one actually buys will not put the project in the red--plus, they create goodwill.  I'm excited to see this one implemented, but skeptical it will actually work from Amazon's perspective.  Maybe they'll license the algorithm to

See you Monday.

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  1. I remember that Lego add. Wow, we -and by we I mean women- have lost some serious ground. It is just disappointing. Kids dressed up and played tea party but they didn't play tart. I just can't understand where we went off track.

    Off the soapbox- loved the houseplant list. Guess the two year old poinsettias that I am trying to save should be put out...

    In my next life I am going to have those purple chairs- love the colors.