Monday, December 16, 2013

Wait, wait...more stuff to buy

Not trying to clutter inboxes, but I read this over the weekend (while waiting through Charlotte’s First Reconciliation, fyi) and thought it was pretty awesome for the holidays (at least for you crazy crafty types…if you don’t have glitter in your house, no need to read further):

Poor Audrey remembers my first go at crepe paper flowers (the enormous kind)…she and I were up to midnight finishing these babies up, and then it took half a day to pack my car for this bridal shower in Chicago: 

But, this is just to say I have actually tried this (also back in 2001 with a Martha by Mail kit…remember those days?)  They are pretty fun to make, and crepe paper is terrible gratifying stuff to work with.  The book is kookier (and smaller in scale) than these.  If you read this book, you will totally want to bust out the crepe (it has a great section on supplies).  So, I wanted to send it along incase you did want to use your precious day off doing something totally odd like this J

I like (doublette).  Carte Fini (available through amazon) is good, but REALLY thick (so it was a pain on the scale above, but may be fine for normal sized flowers).  Castle in the Air is full of amazing, hoardable supplies that you will never need for anything. 

PS:  and back on my weird ability to remember magazine editors:  it was written by Rebecca Thuss, who had a really inspiring wedding published in MSWeddings when she was an assistant editor (like, one of the first weddings in the mag)—woman knows how to edit.  She was later a full editor (craft?) with a regular feature called “All About ___”.  She left to start her own company with her husband, a photographer).  

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